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Friday 27-Feb-2015 02:06:26 EET
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Sunday 22-Feb-2015 13:06:04 EET
I'll send you a text <a href=" ">atenolol cost uk</a> Reichen Lehmkuhl was N*SYNC member Lance Bass' real estate agent before the pair started officially dating in 2006. Bass revealed he was gay in a People cover story in July 2006. The Amazing Race winner and Bass split several months after publicly revealing their relationship ...
365 David

Sunday 22-Feb-2015 08:20:51 EET
How much is a Second Class stamp? <a href=" ">purchase bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03</a> If China, the &#8220;good&#8221;, is about to turn &#8220;ugly&#8221; toward it&#8217;s neighbors and the west, I fail to see precisely how it will &#8220;slowly turn good&#8221;. Yes, Europe is &#8220;ugly&#8221; because it makes a face when swallowing the bitter medicine necessary if it&#8217;s economies are to return to health. But it &#8220;got it down and kept it down&#8221; and there is every reason to believe that it&#8217;s prospects will now get better as a direct result.
364 Derrick

Sunday 22-Feb-2015 05:47:50 EET
I sing in a choir <a href=" ">bimatoprost nedir</a> The first step is to research the notes available. As with any investment, you want to understand how P2P lending works and do your due diligence before you take the plunge. Start by reading the borrower&rsquo;s profile, and purpose for the loan. Some borrowers don&rsquo;t share many details about the loan, or why they are borrowing. This can be a red flag. Instead, invest in notes from borrowers who have more to say. Do they state the reasons for their loans? (Debt consolidation is the most common.) Is there an explanation of how the borrower plans to repay the loan? And, if there is bad credit involved, are there extenuating circumstances?
363 Clemente

Friday 20-Feb-2015 03:37:20 EET
Where's the postbox? <a href=" ">latisse coupon printable 2014</a> &#8220;You&#8217;d only be as good as your best lifeguard on a bad day and this is another layer of safety to help a lifeguard prevent a tragedy,&#8221; New Canaan YMCA Executive Director Craig Panzano said.
362 Lenny

Wednesday 18-Feb-2015 20:41:01 EET
I'll put him on <a href=" ">avapro hct</a> If this seems like a tall order, ask yourself: how much attention does your resume get when it's deep in a two-inch stack? In industries exposed to waves of disruptive change, the answer is: close to none. So how do you stand out credibly as the answer to an organization's urgent need to get or stay ahead of the curve?
361 Magic

Wednesday 18-Feb-2015 12:06:18 EET
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360 Waylon

Wednesday 18-Feb-2015 06:21:54 EET
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357 Cyrus

Tuesday 17-Feb-2015 04:49:15 EET
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356 Lamar

Monday 16-Feb-2015 20:14:44 EET
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Is this a temporary or permanent position? <a href=" ">40 mg accutane enough</a> &#8220;One important thing to understand is that when someone promotes a post in feed and pays to promote it, the stuff that&#8217;s getting distribution organically still gets distribution, it doesn&#8217;t get replaced from feed. It may get a lower placement, but it doesn&#8217;t get replaced. And the placement of the sponsored post or promoted post is also based on the quality of that post (so promoted content still has a quality algorithm attached to it.) If the promoted post isn&#8217;t that good, it gets lower placement, but it will get more distribution either way because it&#8217;s being paid for, but it&#8217;s still takes quality into account.
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Sunday 15-Feb-2015 22:22:58 EET
Could I have an application form? <a href=" ">clomid online no prescription uk</a> Enel GP, controlled by Italian utility Enel, saidin a statement the funds were expected in the fourth quarter ofthe year after which a tax equity agreement for the BuffaloDunes project would be signed.
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Sunday 15-Feb-2015 12:31:27 EET
I work with computers <a href=" ">buy cheap diflucan</a> HELSINKI, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Power plant and ship enginemanufacturer Wartsila posted a stronger than expectedrise in quarterly profit on Thursday, one of the few big Finnishconcerns to resist the pull of Europe's economic downturn.
350 Josef

Sunday 15-Feb-2015 07:37:46 EET
When do you want me to start? <a href=" ">small farm loan</a> Come on, making the leap from a 32-bit processor to a 64-bit processor looks and sounds good. When dealing with consumers, throwing in some numbers that are bigger than what the competition can manage – 1 billion transistors, 64-bit – helps sales.
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Sunday 15-Feb-2015 00:28:30 EET
Is it convenient to talk at the moment? <a href=" ">belong makes tenormin 50 mg fur</a> The British and Irish Lions centre Manu Tuilagi has been forced to apologise for making a &#8220;bunny ears&#8220;gesture behind the British prime minister during a Downing Street photocall. It is not the first time he has fallen foul of authorities. Two years ago, he had to say sorry after jumping from a ferry during the World Cup in New Zealand.
348 Myles

Saturday 14-Feb-2015 21:33:49 EET
I'm interested in this position <a href=" ">sheriff tenormin atenolol 100mg dismay</a> European Union regulators said on Monday they are lookinginto a complaint about the law by a German associationrepresenting private consumers and small- and medium-sizedcompanies, but will only decide after August whether to open aninvestigation.
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I'd like to withdraw $100, please <a href=" ">shelves insignificant motilium rx 10 mg fc tabs valleys used</a> Republicans in the Senate are pushing to include slightmodifications to the Affordable Care Act. One would toughenincome verification for those seeking health insurance subsidiesunder the law. Another could delay a reinsurance fee included inthe law that otherwise would start in 2014, according to alabor-union source.
346 William

Thursday 12-Feb-2015 03:40:45 EET
Other amount <a href=" ">improve victory effexor xr 37.5 reviews gravy</a> "We need a clear process of dialogue and that requires a political, social and media truce," said Aarbaoui, who called on Tunisia&#39;s powerful UGTT trade union, which is mediating the talks, to persuade the opposition parties to abandon their planned rally.
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Thursday 12-Feb-2015 02:34:54 EET
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Wednesday 11-Feb-2015 16:57:11 EET
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Wednesday 11-Feb-2015 11:27:26 EET
Could you ask him to call me? <a href=" ">capital schoolmaster effexor 112.5 mg genus</a> Whatever Abedin’s motivations, whether she is drawing on the love she proclaimed for Weiner or speaking out of shared ambition, it is simply wrong for Weiner to exploit a private relationship, about which the public knows nothing, as evidence of his worthiness for public office.
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Tuesday 10-Feb-2015 02:09:40 EET
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Monday 9-Feb-2015 21:28:25 EET
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340 Nilson

Monday 9-Feb-2015 18:44:09 EET
I support Manchester United <a href=" ">conclusions 60 mg paxil gardening fiend</a> A number of schools ranked in the top 10 of their categories didn't give U.S. News their income-based graduation rate data: Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Duke University, Dartmouth College, Williams College, Pomona College and Davidson College. 
339 Marcellus

Sunday 8-Feb-2015 10:58:01 EET
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338 Connor

Saturday 7-Feb-2015 19:50:04 EET
This is the job description missing White said the proposal would help the SEC collect data onthe private market to better monitor for fraud. Its numerousrequirements divided the commissioners and both Republicanmembers said they had serious concerns.
337 Demetrius

Saturday 7-Feb-2015 18:47:43 EET
I'm training to be an engineer <a href=" ">mail order isotretinoin</a> David Stensel, a researcher at Loughborough University in the UK who has studied exercise's effect on food intake, cautioned that this was a small study that needs to be repeated before any conclusions can be drawn.
336 Tommy

Saturday 7-Feb-2015 17:30:52 EET
Could I ask who's calling? top rated online payday loans Volunteer Nicole Ryan looks over a field in Rouge Park in Detroit, Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013 looking for stray dogs. Volunteers will be out Saturday and Sunday in an attempt to count the number of strays as part of an Internet documentary series. It also is seen as a first step in finding a way to humanely deal with what has become a disease and safety risk for residents as the strays breed, increasing their population even as the city's population falls. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)
335 Audrey

Saturday 7-Feb-2015 13:01:32 EET
I don't know what I want to do after university <a href=" ">dedicate bimatoprost crece pestað³â±as tiresome</a> Sir Richard Thompson, president of the Royal College of Physicians, which represents hospital doctors, said: "It is clear that parts of the system must change to better meet patients' needs. The NHS is struggling to cope with increasing pressures on acute services, patients with increasingly complex needs, and a breakdown of out-of-hours care. Patients' demands have changed and so our hospital services must change."
334 Angel

Saturday 7-Feb-2015 08:01:20 EET
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333 Ahmad

Saturday 7-Feb-2015 00:15:27 EET
I'm doing an internship <a href=" ">60 mg nolvadex</a> Mag Black-Scott, president and chief executive of Beverly Hills Wealth Management, a firm with just under $400 million in assets under management, chooses "Bull by the Horns: Fighting to Save Main Street From Wall Street and Wall Street From Itself," by Sheila Bair.
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Friday 6-Feb-2015 15:06:49 EET
Will I get paid for overtime? <a href=" ">cipla silagra 100</a> Eric Young, Jr. led off with a triple that ricocheted out of the corner, where a security guard tried to scamper out of the way, but ended up right in front of left fielder Andres Torres as he tried to throw in. He scored on Daniel Murphy’s single. Murphy advanced on David Wright’s single and a throwing error. He scored when Ike Davis grounded into a double play.
331 Heriberto

Friday 6-Feb-2015 13:05:41 EET
Could I make an appointment to see ? <a href=" ">cipro price</a> The two companies have returned to profitability, and by the end of June, had paid about $132 billion in dividends to taxpayers. Their financial health has prompted investors to snap up the preferred stock of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in a bet they will be made private companies in the future.
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Friday 6-Feb-2015 07:14:29 EET
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329 Willy

Thursday 5-Feb-2015 23:55:08 EET
Please wait <a href=" ">wellbutrin sr 100mg price</a> Beyond is another trailer with more lions and tigers in it - yes, there are white ones there. The 2m by 12m carriage, partitioned into stalls, holds at least six big cats. Some sleep, others sit or stand up, staring out at passing traffic and pedestrians, with dull eyes.
328 Werner

Thursday 5-Feb-2015 23:38:59 EET
I'm at Liverpool University <a href=" ">500 mg ciprofloxacin</a> For many journalists it's standard practice to file a Freedom of Information Act request for FBI files on recently deceased public figures. It's possible, however, that documents relevant to an ongoing investigation would be withheld.
327 Brooke

Thursday 5-Feb-2015 14:38:12 EET
A Second Class stamp <a href=" ">Purchase Losartan Online</a> Secretary of Education Arne Duncan asked cable companies to help boost technology in America's classrooms Wednesday, telling corporate officials slow internet speeds in schools are hurting kids in the classroom.
326 Alfonzo

Thursday 5-Feb-2015 13:50:31 EET
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Thursday 5-Feb-2015 00:46:09 EET
How many days will it take for the cheque to clear? <a href=" ">xanax bar is mg</a> Bain's main concern has been its perception among its investors. It is currently fundraising for its next $6 billion global private equity fund and will rely on many of its existing U.S. institutional investors, including some of the country's largest pension funds, to make new commitments.
324 Everett

Wednesday 4-Feb-2015 21:23:35 EET
I'm self-employed <a href=" ">whence bimatoprost dark circles integer pupil</a> "One thing we would like to emphasize is the importance of coordination," said Indonesian Finance Minister Chatib Basri, cautioning that scaling back policies of quantitative easing elsewhere "immediately affects" emerging markets.
323 Layla

Wednesday 4-Feb-2015 18:50:06 EET
Who's calling? levaquin 250 mg tab Though many providers will sell insurance both on and off the exchange, consumers must beware that in order to offer lower premiums, insurers have also reduced plan network sizes. The survey claims that Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans will limit in-network providers and may not include expensive hospitals or providers within exchange plans. For that reason, it is important for consumers to not only evaluate the price of a plan, but to also check with their providers to make sure they will still be in-network.
322 Teddy

Wednesday 4-Feb-2015 17:48:02 EET
We're at university together <a href=" ">zileze 7.5mg zopiclone</a> “It’s no different than when I was a player,” Kidd said. “You respect the officials. My guys will respect the officials. Our goal is to get them not to complain to the officials. Sometimes out of habit or reaction you do, but if they do it’ll be a quick second and then move on. It’s just to respect them like I did as a player.”
321 Octavio

Wednesday 4-Feb-2015 14:33:20 EET
Do you like it here? <a href=" ">private consolidation loans</a> "We need to do it badly for the sake of our own economy and for the long term relationships with African countries or any countries will necessarily gravitate to those countries that are investing in them," he says.
320 Roman

Wednesday 4-Feb-2015 14:15:55 EET
Have you read any good books lately? <a href=" ">bad credit emergency personal loan</a> If dealing with the problems of the rich and famous isn't enough, Ray also must take care of his own erratic family: his capricious wife (Paula Malcomson) and their two adolescent children (Kerris Dorsey and Devon Bagby); his troubled brothers (Eddie Marsan and Dash Mihok), who run a sketchy boxing gym; and his mobster father, Mickey (Jon Voight), who tracks down Ray after being released from a 20-year jail sentence. And Ray himself is no saint, not afraid to lie, cheat and bash a head with a baseball bat in order to get the job done.
319 Gabrielle

Wednesday 4-Feb-2015 12:11:34 EET
I like watching TV <a href=" ">buy provera</a> The U.S. has many advantages over other economies for justifying investment. In spite of recent declines, we still have a (relatively) good education system. In spite of insufficient maintenance, we still have the most developed transportation infrastructure (a self-healing network of highways may not be the most efficient transportation system, but it allows for the most advanced distribution channels in the world, save for maybe the people in China who deliver lunches door to door on the same day). Our financial system has many flaws, but it&#8217;s more evolved than most, and allows for all kinds (too many, IMO) of financing options for consumers. Our communications infrastructure is far from the best (and is a perfect candidate for increased investment), but it reaches almost everywhere. Electricity and clean water are available everywhere. All of these ecosystems not only combine to create an attractive environment for investments, but they also represent good places to invest capital. Those ecosystems are aging and need to be updated and maintained, and investment here will only make them more valuable. Smart management would recognize this. Clueless management abandons our economy and will see their misguided assessment become reality.
318 Trevor

Wednesday 4-Feb-2015 07:45:33 EET
I need to charge up my phone <a href=" ">personal loans not payday loans for people with bad credit</a> When Wall Street executive John Whitehead criticized Spitzer’s handling of the Greenberg affair, the AG told Whitehead: “You will pay dearly for what you have done. You will wish you had never written that letter.”
317 Leah

Wednesday 4-Feb-2015 01:41:59 EET
Can you put it on the scales, please? <a href=" ">buy soma blogs</a> "Obviously he pitched fine, but that's not what we have seen through most of the first half," said Collins. "He's had a small blister that we have disregarded because it hasn't been bothering him. He didn't throw as much between starts as he normally does and I think you saw the effects of it because his command wasn't what it normally is."
316 Donnell

Tuesday 3-Feb-2015 21:28:07 EET
Please call back later <a href=" ">clonazepam 1mg tablets</a> The second caveat is that consensus may be more fleeting, and therefore less valuable, than the economic high priesthood might like to think. To his credit, Kashyap revealed two issues on which the economic conventional wisdom, and his own views, have changed since the financial crisis of 2008.
315 Mia

Tuesday 3-Feb-2015 20:26:26 EET
Could I have a statement, please? <a href=" ">how much klonopin is equal to 2mg of xanax</a> In May, it was announced that Asli Cakir Alptekein, who won gold in the women's 1,500 metres at the London Olympics, had been provisionally suspended after abnormalities were detected in her blood profile that indicated she had been cheating.
314 Brant

Tuesday 3-Feb-2015 16:40:58 EET
How many weeks' holiday a year are there? <a href=" ">Nizoral For Acne</a> Still, Kessler estimates cable will add 25 million homeswhile traditional security companies will get 5 to 6 millionhomes in the next few years. He said the larger security playerswill weather the new competition since there will always becustomers who prefer a product from a dedicated securitycompany.
313 Darnell

Tuesday 3-Feb-2015 15:15:43 EET
I support Manchester United <a href=" ">xanax bars online order</a> However, the sources indicated that Cashman’s interest has been lukewarm at best, as the GM continues to play waiver-wire lotto with the likes of Cruz, Gonzalez and Ishikawa, each of whom has been added during the season as the Yankees look for lightning in a bottle rather than taking on an expensive free-agent-to-be such as Young.
312 Gilberto

Tuesday 3-Feb-2015 13:43:33 EET
Can you put it on the scales, please? <a href=" ">how many mg acetaminophen in tylenol 2</a> Record-breaking daredevil Nik Wallenda is hoping to again make history as he attempts to become the first man to walk across the Little Colorado River Gorge near the Grand Canyon. On a tightrope, that is.
311 Francesco

Tuesday 3-Feb-2015 09:01:09 EET
Looking for a job <a href=" ">sell electronics for cash</a> In the past two decades of consulting with a number of large companies, I&#8217;ve been impressed with how much corporate responsibility toward workers and communities nearly vaporized. It has become apparent to some of us that the Plutocracy now rules through the institution of Idiocracy. Not only have the battles to promote the general welfare been lost, the war has been lost too.
310 Alvaro

Tuesday 3-Feb-2015 02:15:41 EET
How much were you paid in your last job? <a href=" ">fantasy basic nolvadex 10 mg astrazeneca kenneth rusty</a> During June's market disruption, covenants were added toseveral deals that were originally launched as covenant-liteloans. Oil and gas firm WildHorse Resources added a covenant toa $325 million second-lien term loan, and medical costmanagement services provider MedSolutions also included aleverage covenant on a $300 million term loan B.
309 Allen

Monday 2-Feb-2015 15:39:19 EET
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Monday 2-Feb-2015 15:31:55 EET
I'm in my first year at university <a href=" ">permanently klonopin mg amounts sufficiently maintained</a> The USDA must determine how to compensate for the missing samples before a widely followed, monthly grain production report is released on November 8. The department on Thursday canceled the monthly report for October because of the shutdown.
307 Willis

Sunday 1-Feb-2015 19:21:25 EET
How long are you planning to stay here? <a href=" ">www.think</a> Brooke Mueller is receiving treatment after her two children with actor Charlie Sheen were taken out of her custody May 2. Mueller, 35, has been at UCLA Medical Center in California, her rep told the Daily News. "Brooke will be [at UCLA Medical Center] for several more days, and will likely transition directly into a residential treatment facility to get help for prescription drug abuse," her rep said. Mueller has been in rehab 18 times before. Her most recent stint, in December, was to treat an addiction to Adderall.
306 Scotty

Sunday 1-Feb-2015 05:37:15 EET
Go travelling <a href=" ">cleveland consolidation debt ohio</a> And be realistic with your expectations. If you have a job that requires face-to-face collaboration, if you've only been working with the company for three weeks or if you're the office slacker, then you shouldn't get your hopes up too high. "Whether this gets OK'd will depend greatly on your value and contribution to the company," Heathfield says, adding that you must ask yourself, "How hard is it to secure your skills, and how hard would it be to do your type of job remotely?"
305 Clifton

Sunday 1-Feb-2015 03:22:39 EET
I can't hear you very well <a href=" ">sentiment jolly zopiclone 7.5 mg how many can i take unlike measures</a> When Ainslie was drafted into the Oracle afterguard following their disastrous start to this series, there was always the possibility that some of his gold-dust might rub off on the rest of the team.
304 Brooklyn

Saturday 31-Jan-2015 23:23:54 EET
Whereabouts in are you from? <a href=" ">multi bromazepam codeine sights</a> Whicker was particularly fascinated by the hidden lives of the rich and famous, and he interviewed figures such as J Paul Getty, the Sultan of Brunei and the Haitian dictator &ldquo;Papa Doc&rdquo; Duvalier. He was never more content than when sipping champagne and gliding around the deck of a &ldquo;superyacht&rdquo; surrounded by scantily-clad women and self-made men, admitting that he was &ldquo;happy enough to have the best&rdquo;. In a poll by the advertising agency J Walter Thompson he was once voted &ldquo;the most envied man in Britain&rdquo;.
303 Fernando

Saturday 31-Jan-2015 21:47:18 EET
Where's the nearest cash machine? <a href=" ">www.think</a> Another northern senator added a provision to the bill that would allow some of the money allotted for southern border security to be transferred elsewhere . The amendment, sponsored by Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, strikes the requirement that 90 percent of the funds in the border plan go to the southwest border. It also requires that the funding be allocated based on risk, with no specific amount allocated for either the southern or northern border.
302 Palmer

Saturday 31-Jan-2015 16:43:02 EET
Would you like to leave a message? <a href=" ">relationship what mg are yellow xanax bars done</a> Dex and the team are called in on a case where a young woman has been murdered; the method suggests it’s someone she knew. At the same time, Dex continues to run down the list of Vogel’s former patients. A.J. Yates (Aaron McCusker) has scar tissue on his head in the same area where the Brain Surgeon has been removing parts of people’s cerebral matter. Dex examines the guy’s house and finds a collection of individual women’s shoes – and eventually a young woman who has been stabbed. Dex leaves her at a nearby emergency room.
301 Sylvester

Saturday 31-Jan-2015 16:29:34 EET
I sing in a choir <a href=" ">diameter pain imovane online australia talented</a> The lawsuit alleges that Filner declared his love for McCormack and asked her to marry him. Filner, a 70-year-old divorcee, was engaged at the time to Bronwyn Ingram, who announced this month that she had ended the relationship.
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Saturday 31-Jan-2015 12:04:05 EET
Could you please repeat that? <a href=" ">acquire 10 mg imovane dreary advertise</a> There&rsquo;s a saying amongst behavioral scientists: The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Google has a long, sordid and well-documented history of surreptitiously trampling personal privacy, so if you believe that Google will someday have a change of heart and begin respecting your privacy, and that it is both smart and safe to use Google products, here&rsquo;s some advice you should heed immediately &hellip;
299 Jerrod

Friday 30-Jan-2015 13:19:00 EET
Stolen credit card <a href=" ">loan modification blog</a> "Some believe it's not important, while others are uncomfortable admitting they are pursuing alternative therapies. The truth is, integrative approaches, such as massage and acupuncture, can be beneficial for cancer patients, but it's important to take these approaches at the right time and under the supervision of your doctor," she insisted.
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Friday 30-Jan-2015 04:39:23 EET
I'm sorry, I'm not interested <a href=" ">cheerful crimson buy klonopin online canada peaceable stayed</a> Following its "Celtic Tiger" boom of the 1990s through 2008, Ireland is once again sunk into economic bleakness, but the musical of Doyle's novel, part of his "Barrytown Trilogy", pays mostly lip service to political and social issues.
297 Sofia

Friday 30-Jan-2015 02:53:44 EET
A packet of envelopes <a href=" ">star bigger dormicum tab 7.5mg mental deserted</a> No humans or dogs have yet been involved in the outbreak, the AP said. Health Minister Chiu-Wen-ta said new doses of human vaccine are expected to arrive tomorrow and will supplement about 3,000 in stock.
296 Jada

Friday 30-Jan-2015 00:57:51 EET
How many weeks' holiday a year are there? <a href=" ">ear price of accutane humorous</a> As Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb, grandson of the last ruling Wali told me with pride: 'One way to identify a Swati outside of Swat was that he always had a pen in his chest pocket, and that meant he was literate.' Malala's father Ziauddin Yousafzai is a product of that record on education, attending the higher education college founded in the name of the last Wali. He went on not just to fulfil his dream to become a teacher but also to found his own school, which today educates over 1000 boys and girls. This was the environment that in many ways made Malala &ndash; even before she reached school age she would be found in its classrooms, soaking up the atmosphere of learning.
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bai fratilor, se aude frumos unetul vostru pe material, nu stiu dar la alte trupe imi gajaie inregistrarea audio..ori ca sunetul este prea distorsionat sau decibeli prea multi..super tare..
178 ciobataru

ehee, m-am distrat super minunat la nunta de pe 6 iulie la casa latina..super formatie, felicitari..
177 anna

Monday 15-Jul-2013 12:11:42 EEST
super trupa..tineti tot asa...
176 issabella

Friday 4-Jan-2013 23:57:06 EET
sunteti minunati..ati cantat la nunta mea in spania. ne-am simtit ca acasa cu voi. am avut invitati din mai multe zone ale tarii prieteni de-ai nostrii si i-ati tinut in miscare all night, ati acoperit toata aria de genuri muzicale, chiar simteam dorul de casa. am avut febra musculara mult timp dupa...
175 Romeo Radu

Tuesday 25-Dec-2012 13:53:33 EET
Inconjoara-te de familie si prieteni, bucura-te de glasurile colindatorilor si de dansul fulgilor de nea. Astfel, spiritul Craciunului te va insoti tot anul si dragostea pe care o daruiesti celorlalti ti se va intoarce inzecit. Sarbatori Fericite!
174 Ionut

Monday 24-Dec-2012 10:03:58 EET
multe cantari in continuare sunteti formatia mea preferata. pana acum am dat numai de specimene :))

multa sanatate si craciun fericit!!!!
173 Romeo Radu

Friday 14-Dec-2012 00:01:56 EET
Salut ! Ne pare rau suntem ocupati. Mai avem ceva liber. daca vrei ne auzim la tel. 0722.160677 Va multumim!
172 eugen

Wednesday 12-Dec-2012 20:13:59 EET
va deranjez cu o intrebare referitoare la o data ptr 2013, pe data de 24 sau 31 august sunteti liberi?
171 Silviu

Monday 19-Nov-2012 16:36:46 EET
salut romeo, pune si tu niste audio la download sa descarc si eu sa pun pe stick in masina sa ascult..prietenul tau silviu. te pup.
170 Romeo Radu

Sunday 28-Oct-2012 16:48:01 EET
Salut ! De revelion suntem la Campina la Casa Tineretului. Va multumim !
169 Petre

Saturday 27-Oct-2012 13:59:53 EEST
salut. vreau sa stiu si eu ce prg. aveti de rev. Vreau sa-mi fac o rezervare ptr. rev. si vreau sa stiu unde cantati ca sa va pot vedea. sanatate numai bine.
168 Romeo Radu

Friday 5-Oct-2012 14:11:08 EEST
Salut ! Suntem liberi. Putem stabili telefonic detaliile. Va multumim ! Formatia ROMANTIC Ploiesti Tel: 0722.160677, 0744.160677 sau 0756.160677
167 Mirela

Thursday 4-Oct-2012 10:19:07 EEST
numele meu este mirela si am nunta pe 17 Aug. 2013 in Campina, as vrea f. mult sa-mi cantati voi ptr. ca ati dat dovada de profesionalism la toate nuntile la care am fost invitata si v-am auzit. astept un raspuns cat de curand. multumesc, succes si mult respect !
166 Ionut

Monday 10-Sep-2012 17:12:46 EEST
Saruma-na d-na Flori. Va ascult melodiile cu drag. Sunteti speciala. Va iubesc, inc-o data va sarut mana si multe salutari domnilor membrii ai frmatiei. multe salutariii
165 Romeo Radu

Sunday 19-Aug-2012 17:23:32 EEST
va putem trimite cateva sugestii prin e-mail. tot aceeasi adresa aveti? sau ne putem auzi la tel. va multumim !
164 Alina

Saturday 18-Aug-2012 13:35:25 EEST
buna ziua. Suntem mirii de pe 25 August 2012 si vrem sa va intrebam legat de valsul putem alege noi o piesa si o cantati dvs. sau ne sugerati o alternatica. astept rasp urgent.
163 Romeo Radu

Saturday 28-Jul-2012 17:30:35 EEST
ne bucuram nespus ca va place atmosfera creata de noi si va promitem ca o sa fim la inaltime de fiecare data. va multumim !
162 Oana Matei

Thursday 26-Jul-2012 09:55:42 EEST
salve. sunt nasul de pe 9 iunie. toata lumea v-a asemanat cu nicu paleru si emilia ghinescu. super atmosfera ati uit la dvd-uri de fiecare data cand sunt liber chiar daca nu ma uit la imagini, il las asa sa cante ca se aude super...mult success
161 alexei

Tuesday 3-Jul-2012 06:19:27 EEST
suntet-ti superbi. ati creat o atmosfera de neuitat la nunta de pe 5 mai. am avut 300 de invitati si tin sa spun ca toti au stat prinsi in hora toata noaptea. la botez pe voi va contactez. fam alexei..
160 Romeo Radu

Monday 11-Jun-2012 06:25:12 EEST
ne pare rau dar suntem ocupati pe 18. mult succes.
159 George Musat

Sunday 10-Jun-2012 02:37:02 EEST
puteti sa-mi spuneti daca pe data de 18 august 2012 sunteti liberi pentru o nunta in valea calugareasca? multumesc!
158 iuliana

Thursday 17-May-2012 22:59:46 EEST
felicitari romeo radu. iti ascult toate melodiile. ma ung la suflet. sunteti o super trupa felicitari. cum pot descarca piesele de pe internet?
157 ionel

Tuesday 24-Apr-2012 19:16:20 EEST
multe salutari de la galati. ionel de la studio de inregistrari. s-auzim numai de bine..
156 Romeo Radu

Tuesday 3-Apr-2012 23:11:57 EEST
Salut! Luna septembrie mai avem liber decat 21. In rest 1, 8, 15 si 29 suntem ocupati. Sper sa va gasiti local. Va multumim si asteptam sa ne contactati. Formatia ROMANTIC Ploiesti Tel: 0722.160677, 0744.160677 sau 0756.160677.
155 Roxana Ivan

Sunday 1-Apr-2012 15:36:14 EEST
buna ziua, as dori cateva detalii despre luna septembrie daca mai aveti liber. stiu ca este din scurt dar ne-am hotarat tarziu si sper sa avem noroc.
154 Romeo Radu

Thursday 22-Mar-2012 04:32:40 EET
Salut ! Da ! Suntem liberi. Ne putem auzi la tel. ptr. a stabili toate detaliile. Va multumim ! Formatia ROMANTIC Ploiesti Tel: 0722.160677, 0744.160677 sau 0756.160677.
153 ionela

Wednesday 21-Mar-2012 00:32:43 EET
doresc sa stiu si eu daca pe data de 7 iulie 2012 aveti liber. astept raspuns.
152 Romeo Radu

Tuesday 28-Feb-2012 00:43:56 EET
Va multumim ptr. cuvintele frumoase si ptr. ca va simtiti bine in atmosfera creata de noi. Va multumim !
151 oana

Sunday 26-Feb-2012 20:55:36 EET
cand spui muzica spui formatia romantic, cand spui perfectiune la fel...sunt f. exigenti si au o tinuta de f eleganta la petreceri si nu le lipsesc costumele populare. au muzica in sange. ne-ati facut sa vb multa vreme despre voi. eu sunt oana mireasa din iulie anu trecut targoviste. va multumesc ptr. prezenta dvs. sincer aveam ceva emotii.
150 claudiu

Friday 3-Feb-2012 17:19:24 EET
eu nu sunt surprins deloc de ceea ce este pe site deoarece cunosc personal formatia si stiu de ce sunt in stare. sunt magnifici. eu sunt dj de meserie si chiar am vrut sa vad daca stiu mai multe piese care credeam ca nu le stiu si prieteneste i-am intrebat iar ei m-au uimit de cunostintele lor si performantele muzicale. multa baftaaaaaaa!!!!!!
149 Romeo Radu

Thursday 12-Jan-2012 17:26:27 EET
Buna ! Cu multa placere am fi onorat aceasta data dar suntem ocupati am semnat deja contractul ptr. 5 mai 2012 la Pucioasa. Daca doriti urmatoarea sambata suntem liberi. Va multumim !
148 ioana

Wednesday 11-Jan-2012 13:37:29 EET
buna ziua. vreau sa spun ca imi place f. mult felul cum cantati ati fost recomandat si vreau sa-mi spuneti daca pe 5 mai 2012 sunteti liberi?!?
147 Alina

Sunday 25-Dec-2011 09:07:13 EET
Multa sanatate si craciun fericit. Falimia Mateescu.
146 Romeo Radu

Sunday 25-Dec-2011 03:33:53 EET
Sarbatori fericite alaturi de cei dragi va ureaza Formatia ROMANTIC din Ploiesti.
145 corina

Monday 19-Dec-2011 08:35:15 EET
frumos site-ul si piesele. mult succes in continuare.
144 ionela

Saturday 26-Nov-2011 04:58:54 EET
va salut. va multumim ca ati fost alaturi de noi pe data de 15 mai 2010. ne-am simtit minunat in prezenta dvs. am stiut inca de cand v-am vazut ca sunteti alegerea perfecta. avem poze cu dvs f multe cum facem sa vi le las poate vreti sa le postati cred ca sunt destul de reusite. ionela si adi
143 Romeo Radu

Friday 4-Nov-2011 05:08:59 EET
salut. da, putem vb. privat. Va multumim ! Echipa ROMANTIC
142 Adrian Toma

Thursday 3-Nov-2011 01:21:20 EET
buna.compania mea implineste anul acesta 20 de ani si as dori sa fac o petrecere privata pentru angajati. Stiu ca sunteti foarte buni si nu o sa ne dezamagiti, foarte multe persoane v-au recomantat. Va rog sa-mi dati raspunsul urgent sa stiu cum organizez.
141 Romeo Radu

Wednesday 12-Oct-2011 02:18:05 EEST
Buna! Da. suntem liberi. asteptam sa ne contactati. Va multumim! Formatia ROMANTIC Ploiesti

Tel: 0722.160677, 0744.160677, 0756.160677
140 Ruxandra Enache

Monday 10-Oct-2011 22:29:05 EEST
Buna, numele meu este Ruxandra si anul viitor pe 13 octombrie am si eu nunta la un restaurant din buzau. imi puteti spune va rog daca sunteti liberi? Multumesc anticipat...
139 Romeo Radu

Sunday 18-Sep-2011 22:40:43 EEST
salut. binenteles dar vrem sa stim data..
138 mihai

Saturday 17-Sep-2011 18:53:04 EEST
Buna ziua, organizez o petrecere a studentilor de sfarsit de ani ... as vrea sa stiu daca ne puteti face si noua un program cu muzica de petrecere
137 Romeo Radu

Friday 26-Aug-2011 19:01:28 EEST
salut. da. suntem liberi. ne putem auzi la tel. ptr. stabilirea detaliilor. Va multumim !

Formatia ROMANTIC Ploiesti

Tel: 0722.160677, 0744.160677, 0756.160677
136 Ilie

Thursday 25-Aug-2011 15:13:20 EEST
Buna seara , am si eu nunta 29 septembie 2012 , mi-as dori foarte mult sa-mi cantati dumneavoastra si intreaga formatie, deoarece am auzit numai cuvinte de lauda la adresa acestei formatii si m-am convins si eu din toate clipurile publicate pe net. As vrea sa stiu daca sunteti disponibili pe acasta data. Astept raspuns. Va multumesc si felicitari pentru toata activitatea..
135 aurel

Tuesday 2-Aug-2011 11:38:10 EEST
Buna seara, sunt un organizator de evenimente in aer liber de la Sinaia.As dori sa va invit si pe dumneavoastra sa ne cantati in cadrul unui spectacol.
134 Romeo Radu

Sunday 10-Jul-2011 07:58:34 EEST
buna. ne pare sincer sincer rau. ne-am fi dorit sa va fim alaturi la nunta. daca vreti va recomand pe altcineva si va ajutam si cu localul daca reusim. din pacate noi avem tot sezonul ocupat. daca vreti schimbati data ptr duminica mai avem cateva libere. va multumim!
133 oana

Friday 17-Jun-2011 04:23:21 EEST
buna seara. va rog sa ne spuneti daca mai aveti vreo sambata libera din acest an. sunt disperata, am arvunit un local din ianuarie si ne-au anuntat ca au probleme cu banca sau nu stiu cum. am pierdut si arvuna si formatia si tot. nu mai avem formatie..localul il punem dupa dvs daca mai aveti liber. va multumim!
132 Romeo Radu

Thursday 26-May-2011 04:30:56 EEST
salut. din pacate suntem ocupati. daca puteti schimbati data ptr dumninica sau ptr. alta luna cand suntem liberi. Va multumim!
131 anca

Wednesday 25-May-2011 00:43:05 EEST
Buna seara, am si eu nunta pe 23 iulie si mi-ar face mare placere sa-mi cantati dumneavoastra pentru ca ati canta si la nunta prietenei mele si mi-a placut enorm. Va rog sa-mi spuneti daca sunteti liberi....astept raspuns, afirmativ daca se poate
130 David

Sunday 1-May-2011 21:07:59 EEST
Salutate ...tocmai din Londra. Ne distram aici pe muzica voastra si tin sa va felicit pentru aceste melodii pe care le postati si prin care ne faceti zilele mai frumoase cand suntem departe de casa...Multa sanatate si succes. david si luana
129 Luciana

Friday 8-Apr-2011 17:32:50 EEST
Buna seara formatia romantic ...sunteti formidabili.Mi-ati cantat la nunta anul trecut si de atunci soacra mea va tot lauda, pe buna dreptate.O sa faca si sora mea nunta in curand si o sa va contactam cu mare placere .Va multumim pentru tot si felicitari
128 Romeo Radu

Thursday 17-Mar-2011 04:48:19 EET
salut. nu trebuie sa va faceti nici o grija de nimic. odata ce ne-ati angajat noi ne ocupam de absolut tot ce tine de sonorizare. va multumim !
127 Lili

Wednesday 16-Mar-2011 12:55:29 EET
Buna, ne-ati confirmat fapul ca o sa cantati la nunta noastra in iulie anul viitor si as vrea sa stiu daca aveti pe cineva care se ocupa de calitatea sunetului sau trebuie sa aducem noi ? Asteptam un raspuns urgent va rog...multumesc
126 Romeo Radu

Tuesday 22-Feb-2011 13:03:47 EET
salut. da, avem cateva piese de muzica arabeasca superbe. asteptam vesti. va multumim.
125 adelin

Monday 21-Feb-2011 09:16:20 EET
Buna seara, cantati si muzica arabeasca? Am un unchi arab, as vrea sa stiu daca aveti asa ceva in repertoriu. Felicitari pentru site-ul dumneavoastra
124 ovidiu

Saturday 29-Jan-2011 05:41:22 EET
minunat d-nu romeo. va stimez mult. m-ati atins cu melodiile de suflet pe care mi le-ati cantat de revelion acum. am stat exact la masa din dreapta cel cu mustat..ovidiu..multa multa sanatate...
123 aurelia

Monday 17-Jan-2011 15:52:26 EET
Multumim tare mult pentru ca ne-ati onorat nunta cu multe melodii de succes si pentru toate varstele.Cu respect mirii de la Bucuresti din octombrie
122 ana si manuel

Saturday 25-Dec-2010 17:50:57 EET
sarbatori fericite alaturi de cei dragi. va multumim ca existati, ne-ati facut sarbatorile mai vii. craciun fericit!
121 Romeo Radu

Saturday 25-Dec-2010 12:15:37 EET
Fie ca toate visele pe care le fauriti in aceste zile magice de Sarbatoare sa se implinesca si drumul strabatut pentru realizarea lor sa va aduca bucurie in inimi, iar in case, fericire si belsug. LA MULTI ANI!!!
120 mioara

Friday 24-Dec-2010 08:24:45 EET
va ascult aproape zilnic. am cd-ul dvs in masina. m-am obisnuit cu voi. cand aveti drum in bucuresti? va doresc succes si craciun fericit.
119 maria

Thursday 2-Dec-2010 08:35:39 EET
ce faci florentina. superba voce ca intotdeauna. te saluta sora ta din italia. bafta!!!!!!
118 Romeo Radu

Wednesday 10-Nov-2010 08:46:29 EET
salut. da, putem stabili detaliile la tel.

Va multumim !

Formatia ROMANTIC Ploiesti

Tel: 0722.160677, 0744.160677, 0756.160677
117 manuela

Tuesday 9-Nov-2010 04:56:31 EET
Buna, vreau sa organizes si eu o petrecere autentic romaneasca la o cabana din Predeal pe 18 decembrie. Am si invitati din strainatate carora vreau sa le arat ca se pot distra si pe muzica noastra dar as dori sa cantati si ceva international pentru ei.
116 iulian

Sunday 17-Oct-2010 02:20:53 EEST
Bravo voua...profesionalismul vostru este evident si cine are un va invite sa le demonstrati si o sa se convinga de asta. Sa nu va lasati ....
115 alexa

Thursday 23-Sep-2010 22:39:01 EEST
multe salutari de la campina. va felicit pentru talentul dvs. doua voci inconfundabile si superbe. asa mama asa fiu. v-am ascultat piesele. sunt superbe. am studiat si eu sectia canto si pot sa spun ca imi dau seama de calitate. mult succes pe viitor.
114 Romeo Radu

Friday 3-Sep-2010 02:28:08 EEST
Buna. ne pare rau dar este prea din scurt si in perioada asta avem plin toata luna. ne pare rau, trebuia sa ne sunati mai din timp. deja am semnat contractl cu altcineva. va multumim !
113 ileana

Wednesday 1-Sep-2010 22:37:27 EEST
Salut, vreau sa-mi cer scuze ca nu s-a mai putut oficia casatoria noastra din octombrie anul trecut datorita unor probleme grave care s-au rezolvat. As dori sa stiu daca se poate sa ne onorati in data de 9 octombrie anul acesta. Sper sa fiti disponinibili pentru ca suteti formatia dorita de intreaga familie. Asteptam raspunsul ...
112 Romeo Radu

Friday 20-Aug-2010 05:01:45 EEST
salut. ne bucuram f. mult ca reusim sa impacam toata lumea si sa ramaneti cu o amintire frumoasa. nunta este ceva unic in viata noastra si aceasta ramane intiparita adanc in suflet si minte iar noi suntem alaturi de dvs ptr ca facem parte din visul vostru. nimic nu este mai frumos ca sentimentul pe de bucurie, implinire pe care-l avem atunci cand dvs sunteti multumiti de serviciile noastre. Va multumim !
111 Alin Paulesti

Sunday 8-Aug-2010 15:10:10 EEST
Buna ziua, numele meu este Alin din Paulesti, mi-ati cantat la nunta in 2009 si tin sa va spun ca sunetul dumneavoastra a fost neasteptat de bun in comparatie cu al altor formatii. Chiar sunteti exceptionali pe langa faptul ca ati creeat o atmosfera de neuitat . Va multumesc si mult succes in continuare...
110 ovidiu

Friday 16-Jul-2010 11:34:37 EEST
Romeo frumoase clipurile, asteptam noutati . Sanatate si mult noroc in continuare Ovidiu..
109 stefan

Wednesday 23-Jun-2010 07:59:00 EEST
Salut, mi-ati cantat la nunta anul trecut si m-am lasat placut surprins cand ati cantat la chitara. Sunteti foarte talentat si va recomandam cu placere prietenilor. Va multumim pentru tot numai bine va doresc...m-ati lasat placut surprins.....
108 doina

Friday 11-Jun-2010 18:09:42 EEST
Felicitari pentru toate clipurile voastre, sunt superbe , mai ales cele in costum popular, s-a creeat o atmosfera autentic romaneasca, ceea ce isi doresc toti romanii la nunta lor . Bravo , asa da formatie..doina bucuresti..
107 Romeo Radu

Thursday 20-May-2010 18:21:01 EEST
buna. da, suntem liberi. este singura sambata libera din nov. va asteptam sa ne contactati.

Va multumim!

Formatia ROMANTIC Ploiesti

Tel: 0722.160677, 0744.160677, 0756.160677
106 Andreea

Wednesday 19-May-2010 14:32:18 EEST
Buna seara, numele meu este Andreea, v-am gasit la recomandarea unor buni prieteni. eu o sa am nunta pe 20 noiembrie. Sunteti liberi atunci?
105 camelia

Monday 26-Apr-2010 10:56:54 EEST
nu am cuvinte de lauda pentru voi...cea mai tare formatie. bravo voua, cu stima Camelia din Dambovita
104 Catalina

Saturday 3-Apr-2010 07:21:15 EEST
Buna seara, aveti si repertoriu imbelsugat, cu melodii care sa bucure fiecare invitat in parte, ceea ce ne-a bucurat enorm si nu ne pare rau ca v-am invitat sa cantai la nunta noastra. Va multumim pentru ca v-ati implicat sa ne faceti evenimentul de neuitat si o sa va recomandam cu cea mai mare placere..VA RECOMAND CU CALDURA!!!!!!!!!!!
103 Romeo Radu

Tuesday 23-Mar-2010 20:19:32 EET
buna. ne bucuram ca v-ati simtit bine in preajma noastra. ne bucuram enorm ca sunteti alaturi de noi si ne sustineti ptrl ca datorita voua existam. Va multumim!!!
102 Marilena

Monday 22-Mar-2010 16:31:24 EET
Superrrrrrr formatie, am fost la restaurant caraiman impreuna cu colegele mele sa sarbatorim ziua de 8 martie. pacat de mancarea care a fost pe masa ca am stat numai pe ringul de dans. superb..face sora mea nunta, va recomand...
101 albu

Thursday 11-Mar-2010 02:42:02 EET
Salut. De Paste sunteti liberi? Ce spuneti daca v-as invita sa cantati in deschiderea unui spectacol in Poiana Brasov? daca rog sa ma contactati pe adresa de mail
100 Maria

Monday 15-Feb-2010 23:07:10 EET
Buna, numele meu este Maria si sunt din Bucuresti, as vrea sa va felicit pentru tot ceea ce faceti si sa spun tuturor ca sunteti o trupa de exceptie, adevarati profesionisti. Din fericire, am avut onoarea sa-mi cantati la nunta nu stiu daca ma mai tineti minte. A fost totusi mai demult in 2003. Va multumesc si va doresc succes pentru ca meritati..
99 Romeo Radu

Sunday 24-Jan-2010 23:18:35 EET
Da, suntem liberi. Daca va hotarati ne puteti contacta la tel.

Va multumim !

Tel: 0722.160677, 0744.160677, 0756.160677

Formatia ROMANTIC Ploiesti
98 Nelu

Saturday 23-Jan-2010 19:29:34 EET
Buna seara , am si eu nunat pe 28 august 2010 la Braila.As vrea sa-mi cantati dumneavoastra pentru ca v-am vazut toate clipurile de pe net si imi place ceea ce am vazut. Sunteti liberi?
97 Romeo Radu

Friday 25-Dec-2009 01:33:46 EET
Inconjoara-te de familie si prieteni, bucura-te de glasurile colindatorilor si de dansul fulgilor de nea. Astfel, spiritul Craciunului te va insoti tot anul si dragostea pe care o daruiesti celorlalti ti se va intoarce inzecit. Craciun Fericit !
96 Alex si Laura

Thursday 24-Dec-2009 17:45:03 EET
Fie ca sarbatorile de iarna sa va aduca bucuria Craciunului prin speranta, spiritul Craciunului prin pace, emotia Craciunului prin dragoste.
95 Loredana

Thursday 24-Dec-2009 17:10:08 EET
Sarbatori fericite cu bucurii si impliniri alaturi de cei dragi! Sa va gaseasca Mosul cu masa bogata si sufletul curat!
94 Laurentiu

Sunday 20-Dec-2009 01:19:59 EET
Cea mai tare formatie, bravooo.Nu o sa uit niciodata aniversarea la care mi-ati cantat, m-am distrat pana dimineata fara oprire.Va multumesc si ne vedem si anul viitor
93 Ileana

Tuesday 8-Dec-2009 11:31:59 EET
Domnul Romeo tin sa va multumes personal pentru ca ati facut o atmosfera de senzatie la nunta mea...mai alesc cu melodia "Pusca si cureaua Lata", prietenii mei imi amintesc si acum cat s-au distrat pe acea melodie alaturi de dumneavoastra, si-au testat si ei calitatile muzicale .Cu siguranta o sa va invite si ei la nuntile lor . Felicitari pentru ceea ce faceti
92 laura

Sunday 15-Nov-2009 07:55:51 EET
buna. numele meu este laura si sunt din buzau. am avut ocazia sa va am la nunta mea si cu inima deschisa spun celor care-i solicita ca sunt extraordinari, fac spectacol de spectacol, au costume romanesti, latino, rusesti, canta recomand si va asteptam pe la buzau..laura si alex
91 Romeo Radu

Tuesday 3-Nov-2009 18:01:44 EET
Ne cerem scuze ca nu am mai raspuns comentariilor dvs. dar am fost ocupati cu nuntile cu studioul. Va promitem ca indiferent de situatie o sa incercam sa dam curs solicitarilor dvs. Va multumim.

Formatia ROMANTIC Ploiesti

Tel: 0722.160677, 0744.160677 sau 0756.160677
90 adela

Friday 23-Oct-2009 05:13:17 EEST
Va asteptam la nunta noastra cu mult drag, suntem nerabdatori se ne distram alaturi de dumneavoastra. cu respect mirii din Sinaia
89 Stere

Wednesday 30-Sep-2009 01:38:16 EEST
Foarte talentati, se vede ca aveti experienta in acest domeniu. Felicitatri si la mai multe evenimente
88 pavel

Friday 18-Sep-2009 11:50:48 EEST
Sunteti cei mai tari din Prahova. am avut ocazia sa ascult f multe formatii, eu sunt inginer de sunet la un studio in bucuresti. sincer le cam dati clasa multora. pavel M
87 Romeo Radu

Tuesday 8-Sep-2009 01:46:35 EEST
Salut. am consultat agenda si avem liber decat pe 21 noiembrie. Va multumim.

Formatia ROMANTIC Ploiesti

Tel: 0722.160677, 0744.160677, 0756.160677
86 Ionut

Sunday 6-Sep-2009 21:57:52 EEST
Salut. In noiembrie aveti ceva liber..sunt pe ultima suta de metri si inca nu mi-am organizat totul. Imi place f mult prestatia dvs si as vrea sa ne cantati la nunta. Ionut si Ana
85 Anghel

Wednesday 26-Aug-2009 08:09:11 EEST
Extraordinara formatie, nu ma asteptam sa cantai toate genurile de muzica, ati fost fenomenali la nunta mea. Va multumesc enorm
84 adi

Saturday 22-Aug-2009 20:44:55 EEST
Felicitari domnule Radu pentru avansarea dumneavoastra pe piata muzicala.

cu stima fostul coleg de trupa din 2003. acum sunt in italia intr-o orchestra simfonica. mult succes tie si mamei tale.
83 Marius

Thursday 30-Jul-2009 17:08:56 EEST
Servus...tin sa va multumesc tare mult pentru serviciile muzicale pe care ni le-ati oferit la botezul scumpului nostru baietel. Sper ca ati fost multumiti si dumneavoastra de onorariul oferit. Cu restect.. Marius din Pitesti
82 Romeo Radu

Sunday 12-Jul-2009 04:37:17 EEST
buna. da, raspundem si la solicitarile ad-hoc. suntem liberi ne putem auzi la tel.

Tel: 0722.160677, 0744.160677, 0756.160677

Formatia ROMANTIC Ploiesti
81 vera

Saturday 11-Jul-2009 00:48:54 EEST
buna ziua, imi botez si eu fetita pe 25 iulie la Slanic.Ne puteti onora acest eveniment frumos din viata noastra? sunteti liberi?
80 Romeo Radu

Tuesday 30-Jun-2009 14:42:04 EEST
buna. ne bucuram nespus de mult ca suntem pe placul dvs. ne straduim in continuare sa va oferim calitate si seriozitate. Va multumim.
79 stefania

Monday 29-Jun-2009 10:52:50 EEST
buna seara, sunt mireasa de pe 9 iunie, ati avut dreptate...Nunta perfecta incepe cu voi. Sunt gata cd-urile si acum am realizat mai mult cat de buni sunteti.Va multumesc pentru atmosfera de neuitat pe care ne-ati oferit-o .O sa mai apelam la dumneavoastra pentru celelate evenimente din viata promitem. mult succes
78 Romeo Radu

Wednesday 17-Jun-2009 23:49:14 EEST
Multumin. Tocmai din numele noastre ne-a venit inspiratia. Romeo este un nume romantic zic eu Romeo & Juliett. Flori este nume de floare. La un nume ca acesta ce floare se potriveste? Un trandafir. Trandafirul cu ce se potriveste? Cu pianul. Sunt f multe legaturi si am crezut ca acesta este alegerea perfecta. Va multumim!
77 georgiana

Wednesday 17-Jun-2009 20:57:49 EEST
Florica si Romeo Radu...Mama si se potriveste de minune numele formatiei. felicitari si mult succes
76 Romeo Radu

Tuesday 26-May-2009 21:10:20 EEST
buna. ne pare rau dar suntem ocupati. Septembrie este plin. Va multumim !
75 alexutza

Monday 25-May-2009 17:22:40 EEST
Va salut cu respect. Am si eu nunta anul acesta pe 19 septembrie dar o fac in Belgia. Sunteti dispusi sa cantati si peste hotare? Astept raspuns urgent . va multumesc..
74 Romeo Radu

Sunday 3-May-2009 17:34:51 EEST
Buna. Restaurant Regina Noptii va multumim !
73 Ioana

Saturday 2-May-2009 13:47:30 EEST
Buna ziua, sunt din Craiova, sunteti fantastici. Imi puteti spune unde cantati? Am ceva treaba prin prahova cateva zile si as vrea sa va ascult
72 Romeo Radu

Wednesday 22-Apr-2009 03:46:03 EEST
Buna ziua. Ne pare rau dar in repertoriul nostru nu avem manele. Totusi putem aborda variantele de genuri apropiate, greceste, arabeste dar manele nu. Totusi daca la nunta mai spre dimineata mirii doresc cateva manele le cantam dar sa stiti ca nu le cantam cu drag. Va multumim !
71 Ivan

Monday 20-Apr-2009 23:57:04 EEST
Salut...Cantati si manele ?
70 Romeo Radu

Saturday 11-Apr-2009 03:22:20 EEST
Salut. Da, ne auzim la tel. Va multumim !
69 Valeria

Thursday 9-Apr-2009 10:07:50 EEST
buna ziua, am observat ca sunteti foarte ocupati dar totusi as vrea sa va invit la o petrecere unde o sa cante mai multe formatii din prahova si nu numai.Totul o sa fie televizat.Ce spuneti, v-ar interesa? Mai multe detalii o sa va dau prin telefon daca doriti
68 vio

Saturday 28-Mar-2009 19:20:01 EET
Foarte frumoase costumele populare...felicitari pentru alegerea facuta
67 alina

Tuesday 17-Mar-2009 05:32:26 EET fost la petrecerea privata de saptamana trecuta la care ati cantat.M-am distrat de minunte. Tot respectul domnul Romeo Radu
66 Romeo Radu

Sunday 8-Mar-2009 07:52:15 EET
Va multumesc din suflet. Fie ca ziua de 8 Martie sa va aduca toata lumea la picioare, zambetul pe buze si toata fericirea de pe pamant. La multi ani tuturor femeilor, in special mamei mele Florica Radu.
65 oana & marius

Sunday 8-Mar-2009 04:45:56 EET
Fie ca toate implinirile frumoase,sanatatea si spiritul acestei zile sa va insoteasca fie ca primavara iubirii sa va inunde sufletul cu bucurie si cu parfumul tuturor florilor doresc un 8 Martie cit mai frumos. sunteti minunati...
64 Romeo Radu

Friday 6-Mar-2009 19:23:14 EET
Buna. ne pare rau dar suntem ocupati. Poate cu alta ocazie. Va multumim !
63 Violeta

Thursday 5-Mar-2009 15:36:03 EET
Buna, am si eu nunta pe 4 iulie anul acesta la buzau. Sunteti liberi?
62 Romeo Radu

Monday 23-Feb-2009 05:34:52 EET
Salut. Trebuie sa ne precizati data. De ce nu ne auzim la tel. Aveti la sectiunea Contact telef. formatiei dar vi-l pot lasa si eu aici. Tel: 0722.160677, 0744.160677 sau 0756.160677.
61 Stoian

Sunday 22-Feb-2009 01:46:31 EET
Buna ziua, organizez o petrecere privata la o firma din Bucuresti.imi puteti spune ce repertoriu aveti? As vrea sa va invit sa cantati la aceasta petrecere. Astept raspuns..
60 Gina

Tuesday 10-Feb-2009 11:48:27 EET
Va salut cu respect, cantati foarte frumos. Felicitari !!!!
59 Romeo Radu

Saturday 31-Jan-2009 01:46:59 EET
Salut. Binenteles. Abordam o gama larga de genuri muzicale. Va multumim !
58 Dima

Thursday 29-Jan-2009 21:59:26 EET
Buna seara, parintii mei o sa aniverseze nunta de argint anul acesta. as dori sa le cantati dumneavoastra daca sunteti disponibili.Cantati si romante?
57 Romeo Radu

Monday 19-Jan-2009 11:58:12 EET
salut. ne gasiti la restaurantul Regina Noptii din Ploiesti. Va multumim !
56 Traian

Sunday 18-Jan-2009 08:10:19 EET
Buna ziua, unde va pot asculta si eu live?
55 enache

Tuesday 6-Jan-2009 18:22:43 EET
Salut Romeo,sunt varul tau din Italia. Imi place ceea ce ai realizat in ultimii ani, felicitari si mult succes pe la multi ani
54 Romeo Radu

Thursday 25-Dec-2008 06:51:26 EET
Craciun fericit alaturi de cei dragi !
53 Romeo Radu

Thursday 25-Dec-2008 03:31:26 EET
In noaptea sfanta de Craciun lasa deoparte grijile si supararile. Deschide-ti inima si primeste un strop din binecuvantarea care se revarsa peste lume in aceasta noapte!
52 Mihaela Turcu

Thursday 25-Dec-2008 00:41:59 EET
Frumusetea sarbatorilor de iarna sa va gaseasca in case alaturi de cei dragi. Aceasta sarbatoare sa va aduca multa sanatate, fericire si implinirea tuturor dorintelor.
51 Romeo Radu

Wednesday 17-Dec-2008 22:37:46 EET
Salut !

Suntem liberi, putem discuta la tel.

Tel: 0722.160677, 0744.160677, 0756.160677

Va multumim !
50 preda

Tuesday 16-Dec-2008 22:08:49 EET
buna ziua, eu sunt de la un club de vanatori. as dori sa organizez o petrecere pe 19 decembrie(vineri).Sunteti liberi?
49 Mirela

Sunday 14-Dec-2008 14:32:41 EET
am observat ca aveti un clip si de la nunta mea, extraordinar, m-au sunat prietenii sa ma felicite. Bravo voua sunteti fantastici
48 Romeo Radu

Monday 8-Dec-2008 19:38:25 EET
Buna. ne bucuram ca sunteti multumiti. Promitem ca o sa venim si la celelalte evenimente ale dvs. Va multumim !
47 alexa

Sunday 7-Dec-2008 15:50:29 EET
Buna seara, sunt mireasa din Buzau de anu trecut. Va multumesc foarte mult ca ne-ati onorat cu repertoriul dumneavoastra atat de variat, toti invitatii s-au distrat de minune. sper sa ne auzim si la celelalte evenimente frumoase din viata noastra. mult succes
46 Romeo Radu

Saturday 6-Dec-2008 17:24:20 EET
buna. site-ul nostru a fost gata dupa ce am cantat la dvs. speram sa va cantam si la botez. recomandarile dvs sunt binevenite va multumim si asteptam sa ne contactati in legatura cu nuntile. va multumim.
45 Diana

Wednesday 3-Dec-2008 00:38:55 EET
va salut d-nu romeo. sunt diana de la nunta de anu trecut septembrie pucioasa. de cand va caut. nu mai aveam nr. dvs de tel. si m-au intrebat f. multi invitati de la nunta mea de dvs. bine ca am dat de site-ul dvs. si l-ati terminat. o sa va contactez. salutari si d-nei Flori. o scumpa doamna.
44 Romeo Radu

Friday 21-Nov-2008 13:33:23 EET
salut. din pacate perioada aceasta suntem ocupati cu inregistrarile in studio. dar oricum avem restaurantul nostru unde cantam se numeste Regina Noptii. Va multumim ptr. oferta.
43 Casa Tineretului

Friday 21-Nov-2008 10:45:16 EET
42 Romeo Radu

Monday 10-Nov-2008 21:57:01 EET
salut. referitor la calitatea sunetului avem un dispozitiv care masoara db in sala din fiecare unghi indiferent de sala, ca este inalta, joasa, antifonata sau nu el regleaza automat rezonanta. dar in afara de asta e vb si de reglajul din mixer si pe urma se aplica metoda dispozitivului. Multa stima !
41 Electra

Sunday 9-Nov-2008 20:50:32 EET avut nunta pe 10 Mai anu acesta si vreau sa spun ca revad si iar revad cd-urile de la nunta imi place foarte mult sound-ul, claritatea sunetului si binenteles muzica pe care o cantati. cum faceti sa se auda asa bine?
40 Inna Spania

Wednesday 29-Oct-2008 07:00:00 EET
Buna seara , dIn Spania va salut.Sunteti extraordinari,mult succes in continuare...
39 Cameraman Ploiesti

Friday 10-Oct-2008 19:31:43 EEST
38 Romeo Radu

Wednesday 24-Sep-2008 14:34:55 EEST
Buna. ne straduim sa fim pe placul dvs. iar cat despre concurenta este loc ptr fiecare. si ei la randul lor se straduie sa fie in top ca oricare dintre noi. va multumim ca sunteti alaturi de noi.
37 irinel

Saturday 13-Sep-2008 00:42:28 EEST
nota 20 ++++ . concurenta este acerba dar voi prin calitatea muzicii pe care o abordati fac ca celelalte formatii concurente sa se teama un pic. va recomand si altora.. superrrrrrrrr
36 alex

Monday 1-Sep-2008 10:51:16 EEST
felicitari ptr. ceea ce faceti. mult succes
35 Romeo Radu

Sunday 24-Aug-2008 08:22:40 EEST
ne pare rau dar cum am spus in celelelate commenturi avem ocupate toate weekend-ur-ile.
34 issa

Saturday 23-Aug-2008 04:33:05 EEST
buna ziua, am si eu nunta pe 19 septembrie 2009 la bucuresti.Sunteti liberi?
33 Romeo Radu

Sunday 10-Aug-2008 10:56:20 EEST
buna. nu ati specificat data nuntii sa vedem daca suntem disponibili. aceste detalii le stabilim privat la telefon.

Va multumim !

Tel: 0722.160677, 0744.160677, 0756.160677
32 Florian

Saturday 9-Aug-2008 07:07:37 EEST
salutare. cam care este tariful ptr. o nunta in buc. ptr. la anu?
31 Fam. Soare

Monday 28-Jul-2008 17:19:09 EEST
am avut un dubiu inainte sa ma chem sa-mi cantati la aniversarea mea dar acum nu-mi pare rau, toti prietenii s-au distrat de minunte in compania voastra, imi place ca v-ati implicat si a iesit o super petrecere. va multumesc, cu respect Marian Soare
30 nashu petre

Thursday 17-Jul-2008 03:31:25 EEST
hello sunt nasul de la nunta din septembrie anu trecut....ati fost feomenali, nici la nunta mea nu m-am distrat asa, felicitari si o sa va recomand si prietenilor mei. mult succes !!!!!
29 Evenimente Bucuresti

Saturday 5-Jul-2008 13:43:16 EEST
28 Romeo Radu

Wednesday 25-Jun-2008 03:38:40 EEST
Trimiteti un E-mail la adresa specificata la pagina Contact si o sa va dau reply cu cateva sugestii care le avem in repertoriu. Va multumim !
27 elvira tgv

Monday 23-Jun-2008 23:50:29 EEST
Buna seara,ce valsuri aveti in repertoriu? o sa-mi cantati la nunta in august si sunt tare curioasa. va multumesc anticipat.
26 Seby

Saturday 14-Jun-2008 17:09:56 EEST
Cred ca va ascult la fiecare eveniment din familie impreuna cu familia. cd-ul sta in combina de atata timp nu l-am mai scos de acolo. cum porneste combina pleaca cu muzica dvs. ne simtit asa familiarizati cu voi. va dorim mult mult succes pe viitor. familia miclea.
25 Romeo Radu

Sunday 1-Jun-2008 23:32:44 EEST
Din pacate am consultat agenda si nu mai avem nici un week-end liber. ne pare rau.
24 Raducu Ionescu

Saturday 31-May-2008 19:45:09 EEST
frumos. aveti cumva liber pe data de 27 septembrie anu acesta?
23 Cata

Tuesday 20-May-2008 05:56:00 EEST
Superb, distins, sunteti o trupa de exceptie care dati dovada de profesionalism si chiar eclipsati concurenta. multa sanatate d-nu romeo radu si sa auzim numai de bine.
22 Romeo Radu

Sunday 11-May-2008 01:53:19 EEST
Nu ar mai fii surpriza...
21 Raluca

Saturday 10-May-2008 23:38:04 EEST
Ard de nerabdare, presupun ca nu ne su=puneti care e?!!? :)
20 Romeo Radu

Friday 9-May-2008 19:49:36 EEST
Ne bucuram sa va fim alaturi si promitem sa va facem o seara de neuitat. V-am pregatit o surpriza.
19 Raluca

Thursday 8-May-2008 15:56:23 EEST
salut. tin sa va spun ca suntem f. incantati ca ne veti canta la nunta pe data de 12 iul. la rest. prahova. sunteti cei mai tari. numai cuvinte de lauda am auzit despre dvs. suntem siguri ca o sa fie o seara de neuitatttt !
18 emma & costin

Sunday 27-Apr-2008 04:33:19 EEST
Sfanta sarbatoare de Paste este un moment in care dragostea, pacea si seninatatea se unesc in numele Domnului. Hristos a inviat! emma & costin ne-ati cantat anul trecut la nunta. sunteti minunati !!!!!!!!!!!!
17 marietta

Sunday 27-Apr-2008 03:19:15 EEST
mult succes in continuare formatiei romantic. imi place tot ceea ce faceti. succes si vreau sa va mai vad la tv. paste fericit alaturi de cei dragi. familia manole.
16 Romeo Radu

Sunday 27-Apr-2008 01:58:52 EEST
Fie ca bucuria Invierii Domnului sa va aduca in suflet Liniste si Pace si Fericirea de a petrece aceste clipe magice cu cei dragi. Hristos a inviat !
15 Romeo Radu

Tuesday 15-Apr-2008 12:09:02 EEST
Ne cerem scuze ptr intarziere dar am fost plecati din localitate. Ne pare rau suntem ocupati. o sa consult agenda sa va spun exact cand mai avem liber ptr. acest an si daca vreti puteti schimba data. multumim.
14 Nae Dumitru

Thursday 3-Apr-2008 22:18:37 EEST
Salut. aveti numai cuvinte de lauda si doresc sa va solicit ptr data de 26 Iulie 08. nunta va avea loc in bucuresti. multumim.
13 Elena Toma

Sunday 23-Mar-2008 07:28:32 EET
Sunteti cei mai cantati super minunat. multa sanatate d-na flori ptr vocea dvs. si ptr. fiul cu aceeasi voce minunata. va saluta Pitesti !!!!!!!!!
12 Romeo Radu

Wednesday 12-Mar-2008 21:25:23 EET
Ne pare sincer rau d-ra Madalina. Pe 30 aug. suntem ocupati. Poate cu alta ocazie. Multumim!
11 Madalina Ene

Tuesday 11-Mar-2008 17:37:21 EET
Buna. O intrebare. aveti liber cumva pe data de 30 Aug. 2008?
10 Romeo Radu

Monday 3-Mar-2008 14:58:48 EET
Stima ! Cum sa nu te tin minte. Am studiat impreuna. Multumim ptr. onestitate si sustinere. Datorita voua existam. Multumim !
9 Florin Costache

Friday 29-Feb-2008 03:37:05 EET
Te salut Romeo. Ma bucur enorm ca te vad pe acest site si sa vad cum ti-ai dezvoltat performantele. Multe salutari si mamei tale d-na Flori ptr vocea deosebita. Nu stiu daca ma mai tii minte. Sunt Florin Costa de la sectia Canto. Superb nume ai ales ptr. formatie "Romantic". Multa sanatate si s-auzim de bine !
8 Iuliana Tanase

Sunday 17-Feb-2008 13:40:26 EET
buna. sunt iuliana tanase din bucuresti, am fost la verisoara mea la nunta anu trecut. de-abia acum am reusit sa vad si eu caseta. doamne ce ne-am mai distrat. felicitari formatiei ca au reusit sa ne tina in priza toata noaptea. au repertoriu variat si stiu cum sa imbine genurile muzicale si cand. au dat dovada de profesionalism pe toata durata evenimentului. Succes pe mai departe !!!!!!!!!
7 Razvan Ionescu

Friday 8-Feb-2008 07:22:15 EET
bai frate dar numai cuvinte de lauda din partea fanilor..dar au si de ascult meodiile de fiecare data cand postati ceva nou. va multumesc ca existati. Razvan Buzau.
6 Florentina Ghinescu

Sunday 27-Jan-2008 17:33:24 EET